NOTICE:  Certificate Error on VICTORY Portal

When logging into the VICTORY portal, you may see a certificate error.  This is because we have renewed our server ECA certificates, and our new certificate was signed by the recently generated "ECA Root CA 4." In order to correct this, you will need to install the newest ECA certificates from DISA's website. Please see Site Certificates for information on how to install the newest ECA certificates.

The VICTORY Web Portal is a U.S. Army private website that can only be accessed by registered users. Only U.S. government and government contractors may be granted access to the VICTORY portal. Access to the portal requires either a CAC card or an ECA, and a registration process must be completed before authorization is granted. Contractors without a CAC card must provide either a CAGE or DUNS and a current, active government contract number, along with a government POC that can verify the contractor status. The registration process form provides fields for this required information. This presentation should provide some helpful information concerning the VICTORY portal. 

The VICTORY portal requires that your computer has updated DoD certificates. These certificates can be found via the Army Knowledge Online site, or via this link. You may have to contact your computer support activity to install the updated DoD certificates.