Publicly Available VICTORY Documents

The VICTORY Standards Support Office (VSSO) has released publicly available versions of the VICTORY specifications document (and accompanying XML) and the VICTORY architecture document. These documents are available here.

The Vehicular Integration for C4ISR/EW Interoperability (VICTORY) initiative was started as a way to correct the problems created by the "bolt-on" approach to fielding equipment on US Army vehicles. Implementation of VICTORY allows tactical wheeled vehicles and ground combat systems to recover lost space while reducing weight and saving power. Additionally, implementation allows platform systems to share information and provide an integrated picture to the crews. Finally, implementation provides an open architecture that will allow platforms to accept future technologies without the need for significant re-design. Under the initiative, a framework for integration of C4ISR/EW and other electronic mission equipment on ground platforms continues to be developed. The framework includes:

  1. an architecture, which defines common terminology, systems, components, and interfaces;
  2. a set of standard specifications, that provide technical specifications for the items identified in the architecture;
  3. a set of reference designs.

VICTORY provides a phased set of standard specifications covering the capabilities needed to integrate C4ISR/EW mission equipment and platform applications. The overall VICTORY technical approach includes:

  • A "data bus-centric" design
  • Sharable hardware components - deploy software additions w/o adding hardware
  • Open standard physical and logical interfaces between system and C4ISR/EW components
  • A set of shared data bus services
  • Shared hardware and software IA components to enable systems integrators to build security designs that protect and control access to information

The VICTORY standard specifications are developed by a Government-Industry standards body. This body follows an "adopt-adapt-author" methodology in the effort to move towards establishing a set of common open standards for use within the vehicle and mission system communities. These standards are independent of specific hardware or software solutions.

This website provides information concerning the VICTORY project and the currently available VICTORY documentation. Click here for the information concerning the VICTORY Web Portal.